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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Spot Whats Wrong.

I know theres something wrong with these pics but i just cant put my finger on it. Can u help me out? Please write me and tell me whats wrong with these pics because right now my mind is


Kieya said...

first imma need that child to not be there
then i'mma need for whoever left their child alone w/ole lassie to remove lil Tasha's braids from his head
please tell me that ain't weave hanging on the line
and please tell me that aint a dookie stain lol

One Eighteen said...

Oh my god, that last one got a shit stain on her panties

That first pic, why would you pose like that in some boyshorts when you got your daughter watchin your nasty ass lol Thats why theres underage girls on pornsites now lol