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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Old people Food

My freinds ask me this everytime i say it. What is old people food? And i reply"dont act like u dont know"lol. Below are some photos of old people food that "quite frankly" i get tired.

Collard Greens( Every old persons fav Fiber food)

Fish Fry(this is sort of on the border but i do get tired of it every friday)

Turkey Legs(i do love me some turkey but i'd rather have iton a sandwhich or on thanks giving)

Cabbage(If it's not colard greens then its cabbage. I just wanna eliminate greens out of my dinner period)

Sweet Potatoe Pie( Evey old persons favorite desert to make. It was very creative of them to make a desert out of a vegetable/starch but please give it a rest)

Corn Bread(every old persons favorite starch. I actually believe that old people think that corn bread complete's every meal."lol")

ButterScoth(how can we forget every old persons favorite candy.)

P.S =These may not be the same for everyone depending on ethnicity.


Jay said...

omg my grandmother mad this food all last week{lol

Pretty.Hip said...

I guess I'm old lol!

dressed said...

Most of this food is considered "soul food"?!?!?! Aren't you black!!??

Meanshots22 said...

yes im black but that dont mean i want to eat it all the