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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Right Pair of Shorts

High Waste Jeans
Let’s camouflage that troubled area with some high waist shorts that are well structured. This style of shorts in a strong fabric will help suck things right in like a built in girdle

If you’re a brick house, slip into some straight legs. Above or at the knee, your curves will still show through without being too va-va-voom! Also try loose fitted mid-thigh shorts with a snug tank. Avoid thin, clingy fabrics.
Super Thin
If you’re straight up and down, wear shorts that add volume where you need it. Try the pleated or bubble style shorts for extra roundness. Baggier knee-lengths are a great casual option also.

Long Model Legs
If you’re really tall, go for shorts that are just a few inches above the knee. Cuffs or not, you’ll still be cool and stylish. To avoid looking awkward, stay away from shorts that are too skimpy.

Small Package
Short shorts are typically more flattering on petite women, because it makes their legs appear longer. If you’re short and prefer longer shorts be sure to add some height with high heels.

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