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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Angela Simmons-center of attention

Better known as the "pastry" girls or Rev's daughters. They have their own brand of shoes called "pastry's" that they launched a while back. Im not to keen on the song but the video is sooo cool. She should consider being an actress because the scene when she was walking in the house was a classic "lindsay lohan" moment.enjoy

Below are photos of some of the shoes from the "Pastry" line. You can purchase these and more on the official "Pastry" website


dressed said...

The song is actually kinda catchy!! But is this just a promotional song for the shoe line???...I hope so because she can't sing lol!!

Anonymous said...

i love rev's show. i'm notl iking the song so much. but angela and vanessa both look cute! =) she really should be an actress though. i totally agree with you.

Pretty.Hip said...

I hate the song & the shoes! I like Angela though, she's too cute