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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boring Day/ Good Day

Yesterday was supposed to be the most boring day for me this week. My mom went out of town and me and my twin brother were left at home with nothing to do. My mom left us the credit card in case of emergencies. But u Know me.... this is how my day started

I brushed my teeth with my new " Oral B" tooth brush. After me and my brother got dressed we took the car( which my mom told us not to do) and went to get a trim.

I went to a barbershop that i usually don't go to because i don't need my mom finding out that I had the car. After me and my brother got our cuts , we went looking for some new gear( i must be the lamest person using the term "gear").

We hit up my favorite store called Rue21. I got these cool new shades that matches an outfit that i got last week.(excuse my boob action)

Even my dog was feeling them

We also hit up this store called "DTLR"(downtown locker room). They have this huge collection of hot shoes. Since I wasn't spending my money I could get these pair of shoes that i've been wanting for a week now. If you look on the right hand side, You'll see the same shoes. I have a soft spot for creative recreations.

I cant forget about my dog "Bully". While i was in the mall i bought my dog a Louis Scarf from Forever 21.


teti said...

hahah.i love your dog.
cool baby!

Ti said...

where do you live?? do you live in atlanta because rue21 or dtlr you dont see much of...but in atl

dressed said...

They don't sale LouisV at Forever 21...

Meanshots22 said...

@ ti: i stay in north carolina

@ dressed:they did on that day

Kieya said...

i'm glad yall thought it out enough to go to another barbershop LOL