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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is why i need those Beyonce Tickets

Her performing skills are out of this world. She can make u like a song that u totally hate all by performing it live. This girl surpasses everyone out right now when it comes to performing. I missed the B-day concert last year but i will not miss her concert this year.

How Could These Have Been Overlooked????

  1. Andre 3000"Tic Toc" from the IdleWild DVD. I am in love with this song. It has that laid back vibe that i miss from outkast. Im still awaiting their return

 2.  Solange-Destiny. This is a cover of Zero 7 song destiny. U can actually here this song in the obsessed movie.

  3. Maxwell-Pretty Wings. When i was younger i didnt get into his music much due to the fact that nickolodeon and disneychannel ruled my life. Now that im older i appreciate his music more. Im in love with his new song "Pretty Wings". Hes been on a 7 year hiatus and now hes back with a banger....gotta luvem

Police Brutality

Police beats a 14 year old with clubs and chokes him all because he didnt get up fast enough when they told him to stand. Sounds like some UNCLE TOM mess to me.

UNCLE TOM: A black man who will do anything to stay in good standing with "the white man" including betray his own people
Leroy is such an Uncle Tom; he told the boss I took a 2 hour lunch; I had to go see my baby momma

New Black Eyed Peas song: Imma Be


This is said to be the follow up single to the hit BOOM BOOM POW