do you feel the retro kids?

Monday, June 30, 2008

before they were fresh

Ashanti always had them legs
Beyonce was in her poetic justice mode.
Im sorry to say it but he look like he rapes little girls and picks his nose.

Halle always had that fresh cover girl smile

I guess he always had that skater boy mentality.

Freshness Awards

These artist have won my heart with their credibly outstanding fashion style. They have all contributed to fashion either with clothing lines, or simply strutting there stuff where ever there is a camera in sight. Some of you may not know the pretty black girl to the far right but her name is " Chanel Iman" and she is a vogue model. She has graced the cover of Vogue Magazine and is becoming the new Tyra Banks.

Shoe Finatic""""

Call me weak but from the moment i saw these shoes i new i had to have them. I have the Nike Blazers and im working on the rest. The top three shoes are ( in order from top to bottom) creative recreations, supra's, and supra's.

I Love J Davey!!!!!!!!!!!

I officially love J Davey after this video. I just have a soft spot for live performances and seeing the energy. Most people sleep on them but after u see this video im sure u will agree. let me know what u think.

J*Davey "Dollar or More" from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

Whooooa Winehose!!!

Last night at the UK's Glastonbury concert Amy Winehouse went crazy. The concert which was supposed to be highlighted by rapper Jay Z was overshadowed by Amy's off the hook behavior. During the performance, a fan got too close and Amy elbowed and punched her repeatedly in the face.

Gym Class Heroes ft the dream- cookie jar

Gym Class Heroes ft the Dream- Cookie Jar

Gym Class heroes teams up with the Dream for their new single"cookie jar". The single is off of their upcoming album"The Quilt" which is due out some time in September. Leave some comments tellen me if you like it or not.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

" Gotta Have

Han Cholo is the latest artist that Puma has collaborated with in its efforts to introduce their timeless silhouettes in new fashion. LA based jewelry designer Han Cholo was called upon for their latest efforts that give the shoe an entirely new look with reflective gold leather, royal purple satin, and Olde English script. The “Goldie Han” shoe carries the jewelry theme beyond the gold upper with chain-like laces and pendant attached to the sneaker.

These will not be widely available, but rather just at Han Cholo’s store. Like the price of gold, the shoes aren’t exactly a bargain. The shoes will sell for $300 per pair at a date yet to be determined. Photos thanks to Urb / Hype Beast.

Everything Black /Red and White

I picked out this outfit using three items. My goal was to make an outfit using three of my favorite colors, Red, White, and my favorite Black. The shoes are from the collection " Kid Robot" (Swizz Beats" collection. The pants are are LRG and the shirt is from a brand called Crooks and Castles. All of these items can be previewed over at

Women in Entertainment event

Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network held a launch event tuesday night. Kimora Lee was the spokes person. Below are pics of celebrities that attended the event.

  1. Lauree Ann gibson
  2. latoya Luckett
  3. Teyanna taylor

Face from the "Milk Carton" Mya was also there.

TI new baby boy

Rapper Ti became a father of four when his girlfriend Tameka " Tiny" Cottle gave birth to a baby boy this friday. TI also relased a video for his new single .

Potential Beyonce and Jay-z home?

Beyonce and jay-z are reportedly buying a home together and this might be it.

Click on the link below to see the " reported" house.

Friday, June 27, 2008

More NewYork!!!!!!

New York is packing her bags and taking her show on the road to HollyWood. She's back with a new realtiy show called Newyork Goes to hollyWood. It will show case her following her dream which is to pursue acting. It seems as if her and Tailor made have called it quits . she was seen in the video below caressing another man.

New Ear Candy: Nas ft Keri Hilson: "Hero"

Nas has a new song out called "Hero" and it features none other than
the beautiful Keri Hilson. click on the link below to hear

Chris and Rihanna

RiRi and Chris were seen at "The Hundreds store in L.A. At the Bet Awards this week they crushed all rumors of dating. They might as well give it up cause aint nobody believing this "just freinds" act they have going on.

Cool as stuff

If you're a shoe person then u must know about creative recreations. They have become my new " Air Force Ones". Its like i have to have every pair. peep these and more over at , The original

Heres are more pics of Creative Recreations that i felt i needed to display.