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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hot or Not.

Everyone has their own perception of beauty. Today i took a hard fall down a flight of stairs and I think my perception might have been knocked off a little bit. Below i have photos comparing what i think is Hot and Not. Do u guys think i took a hit to the head a little too hard?

Sorry u guys but "Suga Mamma" got this one

Sorry RiRi but he/she looks better by the couch

Sorry queen but he represents it for the big people better

Sorry ladies but this here is the original Angel so fall back!!


Anonymous said...

lol. you DEFINITELY must've took a hit to the head!

One Eighteen said...

dude you are tweakin!!! lol

and naw my momma don't use too much sugar but she does use ALOT of the Kool-Aid mix. and EXCESSIVE amount.


DetroitRockCity said...

u are so wrong!!!!!! but i love ya for it!

Kieya said...

ooo boo knocked your head sumthin serious lol

Fashion Addict said...

Omg, I think you really went crazy... but it was a funny post to read!!!

BTW, would you like to do a link exchange with me?

Fashion Addict said...

thanks for adding my link!

Wabie Babie said...

HAHA, this post is soo funny, GR8 JOB:]

and its okay, its nice 2 hear i inspired u though [LOL] i look forward 2 that posty:P


Anonymous said...

Pfftttt the steps fucked u up hard huh? lol funny post

dressed said...

wtf...this is stupid!

Anonymous said...

Boy u r wrong for this one but this is too too funny