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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 girls 1 cup

this shit is gross. I warn you, if you have a weak stomach,DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. Discription of the video is below.

Two nasty ass girls shit in a cup and decide they wanna share it like its a ice cream sundae. And on top of that they throw up in each others mouth. EEEEWWWW

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ridulous tattoos

PENIS TATTOO: This is some crazy shit right here.never ever would i get something this RIDICULOUS.

BACK TATTOO: This one is cute but it's close to the spine. They say the closer the tattoo is to the bone, the more it will hurt.This tattoo is covered on two of the ten most painful tattoos. the neck, and the lower back. The back of the neck is very close to the bone so it is painful. The lower part of the back is also close to the bone and freshly tattooed skin could be irritated by clothing rubbing against it.

BACK/HEAD TATTOO: Do i even need a reason as to why i dont want this one................................ok then lets move on

EYE TATTOOS: Never heard of these before but by the looks of things i see why. This doesnt look fun or appealing at all and it looks painful. I be damned if im gonna walk around with colored eyes in the first place. This tattoo is RIDICULOUS

ARM TATTOOS: I've been told to stay away from arm tattoos because they're not accepted in the business world and ppl fround on them in interviews. But this right here is RIDICULOUS. I mean dont get me wrong, its hot, but unless your profession is skate boarding, i cant see many people getting this.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do you like celebrity fashion lines?

Below are clips of my favorite celebrity clothing lines. Tell what u think of the ones below and pleeeease tell me if i missed some. Click on Titles to make pictures bigger

Click on Titles to make pictures bigger

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sharon Osborne kicks some ass on Reunion Show

LMAO!!!!! i was cracken up the whole time. But come on now...we all know the white girl had it comen

Friday, January 2, 2009

Woman giving birth

OK. I promise this is my last post about babys/pregnancy but i couldnt help but post it. ever since my last post about breast feeding, i've gotten this sudden urge to learn more about the baby caring process. below is a video of a woman giving birth and the whole time im watching this video, i cant help but think that she's gonna snap the baby's neck. its so scary. hope this video enlightens u

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Is there an age where u should stop breast feeding?

Below is a video of a little girl who is being breast fead. I was watching a little girl sing beyonce and this video was on the side. To me, i think if they can ask for the milk then they dont need to be getting breast fed. I also think if the child can unhook the mothers bra than their way too old to be getting breast fed.what is your say? do you think there is an age limit to breast feeding? why or why not