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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gareth Pugh: Fashion Desinger**

Gareth Pugh is an English fashion designer who currently works and lives in paris. He got his huge break when he designed the costumes for Kylie Mingoue's "Showgirl Home Coming" tour.

Below are some of the pieces from his 2009 Spring Collection.

Beyonce has been recenty rocken some styles from Mr Pugh on stage and at recent events. She even wears his stuff in the "Diva" video. Word is Solange introduced her to the line after she attended one of his shows, and Beyonce has been hooked every since.


dressed said...

I love it!
I love her new look she adopted with this album.
Those black and white heels that she is wearing in the "Diva" music video kept drawing my attention. I LOVE YOU BEYONCE!

Meanshots22 said...

i feel the same way. nobody does it like bee

RISSA E said...

i love gareth but did you know he cant even pay his rent? hes BROKE because his pieces are not made to be brought, i hope in 2009 he makes a ready to wear line!!!

happy new years love thee blog!

Meanshots22 said...

omg. i didnt know that about him. hopefully beyonce and kylie paid alot for those pieces so he can have a little bit of change in his pocket

CorporateHustler32 said...

Thats second pic of Beyonce with that black dress on is kind of sexy ! It looks like he thinks outside of the box. Almost futuristic..

Breakfast at Hillary's.. Lacroix that is said...

Meanshoootttt I hadnt read this post until like right now... you arent mad right??? ( sad face)

Anonymous said...

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