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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Is there an age where u should stop breast feeding?

Below is a video of a little girl who is being breast fead. I was watching a little girl sing beyonce and this video was on the side. To me, i think if they can ask for the milk then they dont need to be getting breast fed. I also think if the child can unhook the mothers bra than their way too old to be getting breast fed.what is your say? do you think there is an age limit to breast feeding? why or why not


RISSA E said...

i seen this before and i agree with you, if a child can ask for milk then she/he shouldnt be fed. better yet, if that child has a mouth full of teeth and capable of biting ur nipple off, then he shouldnt be breast fed but different strokes for different folks right?

Rai said...

I find it kind of nasty that a child over 1 continues to get breast fed.

I say between 3-6 months it needs to stop.
Anything over... I just find really odd.

Amardo said...
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One Eighteen said...

Yea this shits weird