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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Solange Music

"Fuck u signed Sincerely"

This song is for all the haters who doubt Solange. She has retaliated in making a song expressing her opinions on the industry and how "everything she's not makes her everything she is". She sampled Kanye West "Everything I Am". I hope u enjoy.

"Wanna go Back"

This is a cool melow track. It features Qtip and Marsha Ambrosius.Every song she releases is making me wanna go pick up the album even more.

Write me back and tell me what u think about the tracks


Anonymous said...

I just saw that video on MTV today! For the first time... haha. I thought she looked gorgeous in it! And the song was pretty good! Granted I couldn't pay that much attention to it becuase i was chasing after my little brother.

dressed said...

Wow, i love "Fuck you Signed Sincerly"!! That should be my new catch phrase lol

Meanshots22 said...

thank you all. i love solange very much.

One Eighteen said...

solange huh

wish i was hittin that