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Saturday, August 16, 2008

My big sister sOLANGE


I just love this. Solange already has me buying her new album but she keeps making me like her. I cant help but notice that she looks just like Beyonce in the beginning of the video. hope u guys likeeeeeee.


dressed said...

Yes she does favor Beyonce SOOOOO much, but no this song is not going on my iPod!! lol. I like her first single, "I Decided" But her video concepts are cute.

charlotte said...

thank you for your nice comment. You know i can't be a top model because i'm small ( 1.70 ) it's not enough! kissou

A.M. said...

thanks for stopping by the blog, yea they do look kinda alike but I guess that's what happens with sisters. Still love her sis more though. &&&&& I like this song :)

LOENTJE! said...

Yeah you're right she looks just like Beyonce in the beginning. The ways she moves too!
I like this song, I would expected something completely different to be honest.

She has a great voice!

LOENTJE! said...

Now I'm addicted to this song! :P

Sophista-Funk said...

She's been looking so stylish lately. A definite upgrade.