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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Could These Have Been Overlooked????

  1. Andre 3000"Tic Toc" from the IdleWild DVD. I am in love with this song. It has that laid back vibe that i miss from outkast. Im still awaiting their return

 2.  Solange-Destiny. This is a cover of Zero 7 song destiny. U can actually here this song in the obsessed movie.

  3. Maxwell-Pretty Wings. When i was younger i didnt get into his music much due to the fact that nickolodeon and disneychannel ruled my life. Now that im older i appreciate his music more. Im in love with his new song "Pretty Wings". Hes been on a 7 year hiatus and now hes back with a banger....gotta luvem

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Alexis Rae said...

L O V E this song I swear it never gets boring!